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Canada’s new anti-spam law Effective July 1, 2014

What you need to know about Canada’s new anti-spam law? Starting July 1, 2014, CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Law) imposed substantial regulatory obligations on those sending commercial emails. Things to know: CASL creates director’s liability for organizational offenses.  A commercial electronic message is any message sent by any means of telecommunication, such as voice, Read more

Family Law in Ontario Help & FAQ

  Some family legal matters that we can handle for you include: divorce applications, and other court proceedings mediation/arbitration spousal and child support claims child custody and access claims division of family assets sale of the family home separation agreements marriage and cohabitation Read more

A Client’s Step-by-step Guide to Commencing a Civil Action

So you’ve read Some Things You Should Consider before Deciding Whether To Sue and have carefully considered your options. You’ve also read Is It Too Late To Sue, Or Be Sued? Limitation Periods in Ontario and your lawyer has advised you that it is not too late to sue (i.e. Read more

Regulatory & Government Matters

Companies, under growing pressure of regulations, increasingly need the help of knowledgeable lawyers who can advise them about compliance. In certain transactions, especially larger ones, growing focus is on regulatory approvals, such as those imposed by Investment Canada and the Competition Bureau. We can help you develop compliance policies so Read more

Your Residential Real Estate Lawyer

→ Buying or Selling? → Consult with us first! → Call Now: 1 416 628 4635 → Map and Directions   For many Canadians, their single most important investment is their home. Whether buying or selling your home, you will need a lawyer to help you with the real estate transaction. Here are some Read more

Franchising Law in Ontario

Franchising is one of the fastest growing methods of business expansion and organization in Canada. Franchising is about sharing success. When a franchisee succeeds, the franchisor also succeeds, and vice-versa. It’s a win-win scenario.   Here’s how it works: The franchisor and the franchisee enter into an agreement. Under it, the franchisor licenses the Read more

Canada Intellectual Property Law

The term "intellectual property" (IP) refers to patents, trade-marks, copyright, industrial designs and similar rights. These rights are "property" in that they are based on the legal right to exclude others from using the property and ownership of the rights can be transferred. These rights are "intellectual" in that they Read more

Your Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Commercial Real Estate Laws Property law in Canada falls under provincial jurisdiction. Property law in Ontario has developed through the English common law. Interests in land are generally held directly in fee simple or by leases as leasehold interests. If you are thinking of expanding your business to Ontario and want to Read more

Building and Construction Law

A construction project can be a complex undertaking, fraught with risks. HLF can help you identify the risks early. We can help you be proactive. We can advise you about how to prevent these risks from happening in the first place, and if they do happen, how to effectively deal with them. By Read more

Banking & Finance Law

Canada’s complex, well-regulated banking system falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government. The governing statute is the Bank Act. It authorizes domestic banks (Schedule I), foreign subsidiary banks that are controlled by eligible foreign institutions and foreign bank branches of foreign institutions. The five largest Canadian banks command most of the Read more

Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal & Debt Solutions FAQ

What is in the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act? I am facing a financial crisis. What are my options? What is a Division I Proposal? Trustee in Bankruptcy... Read more

Securities Regulation in Ontario

Ontario’s Securities Act governs and regulates transactions involving securities and aims to protect the investing public. The Act gives the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) broad power to govern securities transactions and to deal effectively with those who fail to comply with the Act. An underlying principle of the Act is that the public should be Read more

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Hosseini Law Firm is a small, Canadian-based law firm with a rapidly growing international, multi-jurisdictional, and multidisciplinary practice. Dedicated legal service to small businesses and entrepreneurs is the firm’s primary focus.

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Our goal is to bring to our clients the comfort and satisfaction of knowing the right course of action to take in legal matters. Our lawyers and support team are dedicated to getting the answers and results our clients seek. Our services are carefully customized to best suit our clients’ needs, budgets, and expectations.

Our hard working team members and affiliates provide outstanding legal service and support throughout a wide spectrum of practice areas.

Further, we acknowledge that dealing with legal issues can be overwhelming and even intimidating – the jargon, the uncertainty, the complex rules and procedures, and the stress of meeting deadlines. For that reason, we strive to first help you understand the what you are facing, and second, discuss different possible options that would yield the best results. We listen to our clients, understand their needs, offer the best solutions and deliver on our promises. We go beyond expectations and always deliver outstanding service.

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Buying or Selling Real Estate in Ontario?

For many Canadians, their single most important investment is their home. Whether buying or selling your home, you will need a lawyer to help you with the real estate transaction. Here are some of the things that we can do:

Drafting the agreement of purchase and sale
Drafting the mortgage documents
Collecting the transaction fees
Advising about tenancies, if applicable

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Family Legal Issues?

Our team of knowledgeable professionals at HLF provides an array of services to couples and families in transition. Some family legal matters that we can handle for you include:

Divorce applications, and other court proceedings
Spousal and child support claims
Child custody and access claims
Division of family assets
Sale of the family home
Separation agreements
Marriage and cohabitation agreements

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Why Incorporate Your Business?

There are many advantages to incorporating your business, as outlined below:

Limited liability
Protect your capital
Tax advantages
Capital acquisition
Perpetual existence
Mergers and acquisitions
Better public image

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